Piti is actually a vintage Azerbaie round the they in Baku

Piti is actually a vintage Azerbaie round the they in Baku

It wasn’t up until i found its way to Sheki, in which piti is an activity out of a location specialization, that individuals managed to try it.

Piti try an excellent chunky, aromatic stew created from meat (chicken otherwise veal), chickpeas and you can combined create. It is slightly fatty (often with chunks regarding lard at the top), and lots of pitis provides just one apricot added to the fresh new combine. It is traditionally served within the a little earthenware container with quite a few dough quietly.

Dinner piti is a little off a skill. Earliest, tear your money towards small pieces and place her or him inside the an blank pan. Utilising the back of scoop to store the newest chunky parts regarding the container, afin de the brand new piti liquid over the bread. Squirt which have sumac and eat the newest sodden cash/soups since your first path.

2nd, you smush the remaining piti stew toward a beneficial chunky insert using an alternative solid wood pestle. (The waiter might part of at this point to.) After you have finished the new soup and you can smushed brand new stew, import they into dish to eat as one minute path.

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An amount out of piti costs regarding the 5 AZN and since it’s essentially a couple edibles for the price of you to, we consumed a lot of they into the Sheki. Our favorite piti is at Piti Home Sheki (discovered under the Karvansaray Lodge), followed by brand new Karvansaray Resorts cafe itself ultimately, Restaurant Gargarin. Buta Restaurant Gluten Free dating app around middle together with provides a piti.

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