This new Slovaks: coaches that relocated to Transcarpathia from Slovakia in addition to their tales

This new Slovaks: coaches that relocated to Transcarpathia from Slovakia in addition to their tales

Yan Pohanych, Valeria Kizakova, Svitlana Surova, Dagmar Kralikova and you will Eva Diuroshova try four teachers one transferred to Uzhhorod away from certain urban centers of Slovakia. Them taken out your state program, tickets a great casting training overseas if there is an open vacancy and discovered themselves into the Uzhhorod, no matter if each had a special inspiration to possess signing up for the fresh new program and you may did it into the a new season.

Therefore the teacher thinks it will only be fair to stay together with them until it graduate regarding the top college, that’s, the cuatro decades

Many of them was in fact right here for two decades and others – to have 9. For every single has his or her own attention of your knowledge processes, pupils’ results, surviving in Uzhhorod and seeing regarding Ukraine. Every one of them has his very own tale.

So you can Mr

Mr. Yan has been surviving in Uzhhorod having eight decades. His deal is true for example a lot more season but the coming year he’ll be carrying out a class from university newbies. Along with, he has some other preparations from his very own become understood here.

Brand new professor got generated his friend with Uzhhorod well before. He was to experience recreations back to 2004. There was once a team, Lotos Uzhhorod, and then he always visit all sporting events match.

– I believe that really-bred pupils can cause a gentle society, so they are going to be interested with: go to museums, the palace, series, sport incidents, – this new teacher is assured. – I have lots of artist loved ones and so i tend to see certain courses, events, at the philharmonic. One should enjoys a social life. I continue advising someone you to definitely Uzhhorod was a very cultural urban area, a conference host to some other years, not merely older people but babies too.

This new teacher claims you to definitely Slovak and you will Ukrainian kids are an equivalent getting your, and that it yes-and-no regarding how adults dictate her or him, with what ecosystem it become adults.

– It just things a great deal, After all brand new teacher’s thoughts towards students, – states Mr. Yan. – Once he reveals on it and you can inform them they are to their peak, right after which they’ll get accustomed to skills: the newest teacher feels like him or her and can gradually opened prior to him. In the event the the guy does not manage to do that at the same time, the kids commonly shut down, and it surely will be very hard to alter things. And so the teacher’s task is always to opened a young child and you may give a path, publication him possibly in order to ways or even to mathematics, chemistry or even to astronautics. And come up with operating interesting, the teacher has to find the latest choices, this new activities. I produce fairy tales but have currently in it the children into the occupations. I’m looking for artwork, I make babies beside me to various galleries, movie theater shows. It indicates venture. Innovation, not just for the children but for myself, as well.

Yan’s attention, one of several trouble normal so you’re able to Uzhhorodians is actually punctuality. They often fail to come on time and will come having the brand new conference 30 minutes or even one hour after. In terms of skills Ukrainians, there is absolutely no condition, if you try not to pretend to-be some one you’re not.

– Ukrainians and you will Slovaks have become inviting and you can friendly people, open and you may polite and you may willing to works. To them this is not a challenge to search somewhere any time after all – in the morning or perhaps in the evening, on a trip. It realize they want to work in order to get to some results. Maybe not wait a little for a particular go out however, proceed and you will really works as it’s needed, – states new professor.

Ms Svitlana Surova has been doing work in the town for over 8 ages, longest of the many Slovak teachers for the Uzhhorod. The new teacher has started this lady third cuatro-year’s period. She relocated to Transcarpathia on city of Mykhaylovtse.

– I am unable to discover any difference between Slovaks and you will Ukrainians at all. We live most close to each other, – the teacher tells. – Everyone loves Ukrainian sounds. However the Slovak ones is actually nice, too. People are nice here, incase I would be to examine babies, these include a comparable every where. As long as you go up desire and you may a wish study, they’ll. And it is extremely important into number one school to offer babies a click to have eg a would you like to investigation.